Welcome to ‘Reggae Album Covers’.

Reggae Album Covers is dedicated to celebrating the best and the worst of reggae album artwork. We have been enthralled and fascinated by reggae album artwork and this site aims to act as a directory and serves to collect some of the best reggae album covers, as well as some of the worst ones throughout the years.

We will take a look at literally every genre of reggae – from ska and rock-steady, through to roots, dub and dancehall and will showcase some of the music and accompanying artwork that has caught our attention. We will feature classic album covers and artwork, and sometimes poke fun at others…..but above all, it’s done with love.

We will also be collecting together and archive of some of the most influential artists and designers that have designed artwork for some of the most iconic albums over the years.

Latest Reggae Albums

“Record covers are perhaps the timelines of our lives. They remind us of where we were, what we were doing, and who we were with; they mark our student days, our holidays, our growing up, and our coming of age.”
Richard Evans (from The Art of the Album Cover)