“Reggae Album Covers” is dedicated to celebrating the best and the worst of reggae album artwork.

I have been a long-time reggae fan, and there hasn’t been any stage in the evolution of Reggae Music that I haven’t loved; from Mento to Ska, from Ska to Roots, from Roots to Dancehall etc…I’ve followed them all and had my kicks.

My first exposure to reggae music was a mix tape that I was given when a school friend returned from a holiday in the Caribbean. It was a collection of popular Dancehall tracks at the time (including artists like Dirtsman, Reggie Stepper, Tenor Saw, Josey Wales and many more) and I was hooked from the first listen. I immediately craved more of this music and wanted to explore as many artists as i could. At this time the internet was still only just being born, so my reggae education was gained from more traditional routes like hanging out and asking questions at record shops, making risky buys on tapes and albums that I knew nothing about (yet safe in the knowledge that it was one of the only reggae albums available in that provincial England record shop), and slowly over time I began to decipher this subculture, the language, and the music. And I kept falling deeper into it.

The one thing that always captured my imagination when I was out hunting for more reggae records or info was the album artwork. The record covers often surprised me – for every classic and iconic album cover, there seemed to be an equal number of awful, almost anti-commercial album sleeves (as if the artist didn’t want you to buy the record or give any info away). I soon learnt that some of the worst album covers can contain some of the best music, but I’ve also been stung and learnt that sometimes a bad album cover means a bad album.

Anyway, this blog serves to collect some of the best reggae album covers, as well as some of the less-professional ones throughout the years. Where possible I’ve also provided links to where you can hear samples of the album, or buy the CD or MP3. In this age of file sharing and downloading I only hope that the reggae industry continues producing the best (and the worst) album cover artwork of any musical genre.

Note: We always try to use images responsibly and respect copyright where possible – however, many images are spread all over the internet and it can be hard to fully credit the original source. If you feel we have used one of your images then let us know and we’ll provide a credit and a link back to you (or we’ll take it down, if you really want – but I’m sure you don’t). Contact us HERE.

Also, this blog does not distribute illegal downloads, where possible we will link to authorised sources to enable you to buy a copy of the album and support the reggae industry. Full Disclosure: Any commissions that we may make from this are minimal (trust us, this is a niche subject in a dark and dusty corner of the internet and we don’t get the traffic to make a living from this) and go towards the hosting costs of this blog.

As well as reggae album covers, we’ll also be collecting together some of the more interesting reggae videos that are scattered about the internet. Check them out here.