Al Campbell – Rainy Days [1978]

Al Campbell - Rainy Days

This is living the dream right here – leave sunny Jamaica, move to England as part of the post-war West Indian immigration………and spend your time in a grim, grey, wet, concrete hell-hole. Rainy days indeed. A very bad and depressing album cover – why not go the whole hog and just put a photo of a girl weeping on the floor of a car park, in a provincial town in the UK, in the middle of winter instead?

Released in 1978 on Hawkeye records, and produced by Crucial Bunny (best producer’s name ever?)

Track Listing :

  • Give The People
  • Words Of Wisdom
  • You’ve Got Soul
  • Don’t Cry
  • Rainy Days
  • I Want You Around
  • Never Let You Down
  • When Spring Is Around
  • My Whole World

By the way – the album is way better than the artwork, and is full of great vocals over solid roots tracks. We are reluctantly throwing this one in the the ‘Bad Album Covers‘ bin, even though the music doesn’t deserve it.

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