Augustus Pablo - Ital Dub

Augustus Pablo – Ital Dub [1974]

Augustus Pablo - Ital Dub

Augustus Pablo - Ital Dub

Any dub album that carries Augustus Pablo’s name will always be overshadowed by the classic King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown (,, and Ital Dub has often been overlooked as a result. Although it’s not up there with Augustus Pablo’s best work, Ital Dub however, is a solid dub album packed full of heavy rhythms from Jacob Miller and The Inner Circle Band, and is worth checking out.

The album was first released on Starapple Records in 1974, and was subsequently licensed and re-released a number of times since. The original artwork (see above) was always quite striking, despite being a bit scratchy and amateurish, and it certainly stood out. It was record sleeve that if you didn’t put it in a bag to walk home with, then people would draw their own conclusions as to what your hobbies were. Sadly the artwork suffered on some of the re-releases that followed – see below.

Augustus Pablo – Ital Dub: Lagoon (France) 1992 [CD] Artwork:
Pretty bad artwork that doesn’t really due the album justice – clearly not done by a reggae fan, looks more like something an anthropology student would design.
Augustus Pablo - Ital Dub: Lagoon (France) 1992 [CD] Artwork:

Augustus Pablo – Ital Dub: Culture Press 1999 [CD] Artwork:

Just awful artwork, the sort of thing you would see on a poster on some stoner’s wall.
ital dub culture press

Thankfully you can still get the album as a download and it has reverted back to the original artwork.

Ital Dub Track Listing:

  • The Big Rip Off
  • Road Block
  • Curly Dub
  • Well Red
  • Gun Trade
  • Shake Up
  • Hillside Airstrip
  • Barbewire Disaster
  • Mr Bigg
  • Eli’s Move
  • House Raid
  • Shake Down

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Listen to ‘The Big Rip Off’ by Augustus Pablo:

Listen to ‘Road Block’ by Augustus Pablo:

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