Barry Brown – Cool Pon Your Corner [1980]

Barry Brown - Cool Pon Your Corner

You just know he’d be the first one up and dancing at a party. After a few too many drinks his jerky dancing would probably knock over a vase and smash it and you’d have to send him home.

This is Barry Brown’s 1980 release on Trojan Records called “Cool Pon Your Corner” and despite the lighthearted album cover this is a heavy roots album from start to finish that features a blend of conscious tracks and love longs.

We are still looking for readers to attempt to create some of these covers and send them in to us, so we can post them on the relevant page. “Reggae Album Covers Recreated” would open up a whole new dark niche on the internet….

Track Listing:

  • Cool Pon Your Corner
  • Get Closer To You Baby
  • Please Officer
  • Moving On To The Promised Land
  • I Love You So
  • Your Love Is Real
  • Jah Jah Fire
  • Look Into Yourself
  • Promises
  • Youths Of The Ghetto

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