Big Youth – Rock Holy [1980]

Big Youth Rock Holy
I’m a massive Big Youth fan, but it has to be said that the cover of this album is better than than the actual tracks within. This was released in 1980 on Big Youth’s own Negusa Nagast record label and despite having a couple of standout tracks (such as ‘Rock Holy’) Big Youth’s powers were beginning to wane somewhat.

But still, what a cover – this album artwork sums up for me exactly what Big Youth represented when he was at the height of his popularity and really conveys the excitement of his music (sadly not on this album though).

Track Listing:

  1. Living
  2. Rock Holy
  3. Love Jah Jah With All My Heart
  4. Many Moods Of Big Youth
  5. Get On Up
  6. We Can Work It Out
  7. Time Alone Will Tell
  8. Dancing Mood
  9. Bang Dibo

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