Body Come Down 1986

Body Come Down – Various Artists [1986]

Body Come Down 1986

Body Come Down 1986

Body Come Down‘ is a compilation of dancehall hits that was released in 1986 on Weed Beat Records.

The cover was designed and created by Jethro “Paco” Dennis, who has a style not unlike Wilfred Limonious when it comes to hand-drawn and cartoonish covers. Jethro “Paco” Dennis was almost as prolific as Limonious and he created covers for a multitude of labels including Firehouse, Shocking Vibes, VP Records etc..

A solid collection of mid-80s digital reggae.

A1 Red Dragon – Horse Move
A2 General T.K. – Baby Mother
A3 Red Dragon – Bad Boy Skeng
A4 Lyrical – Body Come Down
B1 Papa San – The Month Of The Year
B2 Monks Man – Mi Mother Mi Mother
B3 Wickerman – Fit Mi Fantastic
B4 Daddy Meekie – Love Temper


Listen to Lyrical – Body Come Down:

Listen to Red Dragon-Bad Boy Skeng: