Bullwackies All Stars - Black World Dub [1979]

Bullwackies All Stars – Black World Dub [1979]

Bullwackies All Stars - Black World Dub [1979]

Bullwackies All Stars - Black World Dub [1979]

Originally released in 1979 on the Wackie’s imprint label called Hardwax, ‘Black World Dub‘ is a fine example of the music that Wackie’s were embarking on and would continue to push out from their New York base through the 1980s.

This is a tough dub album that combines roots sensibilities with some electronic wizardry from the latest gadgets and technology of the time. Leroy Sibbles acts as a musical director (as well as contributing bass on a number of tracks) and recognisable rhythms are all given the unique Wackie’s treatment – check out the machine-gun style drum effects on ‘Skylarking’, and their interpretation of ‘The Drifter’ (called ‘Recording Connection’ here).

There is a wonderful simplicity to the cover art that suits this release. No fuss or hype, just a title on an off-white cover. There rear gives you a black & white studio photo. Many releases on the Wackies imprints often had simple black and white covers that gave a certain gravitas and seriousness to each release.

Jah T – Recording Connection
The Wackies Rhythm Force – Skylarking
Joe Auxumite – Troubled Land
The Wackies Rhythm Force – Morning Star
Bullwackie – United Rock
Leroy Sibbles – Black World
Joe Auxumite – Simple Little Woman
The Wackies Rhythm Force – Tribute To Studio One
The Wackies Rhythm Force – Rain From The Cloud
The Wackies Rhythm Force – Shining Star


Listen to ‘Skylarking’ by Bullwackies All Stars:

Listen to ‘United Rock’ by Bullwackies All Stars:


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