Capleton - Prophecy [1995]

Capleton – Prophecy [1995]

Capleton - Prophecy [1995]

Capleton - Prophecy [1995] back cover

Capleton had been around for years on the dancehall scene before his major label debut on Def Jam Records was released in 1995 – and surprisingly it wasn’t an overproduced affair (despite a couple of obligatory hip-hop mixes) and it retained an authentic dancehall sound.

In the early to mid-90s there was a huge ‘culture and consciousness’ surge in the dancehall and many rudeboys grew dreads and changed their output from ‘guns and slackness’ to ‘roots and culture’. Capleton was one such DJ who refocused their energy to more cultural and religious concerns.

The artwork is nice too – although it makes us think of Capleton as a lonely rasta lighthouse keeper. The album art design is credited to Rebellious Designs and the photo is by Klaus Schonweise.

The album itself has since been discontinued but it’s worth digging out or finding a secondhand copy to catch Capleton before he started shouting ‘fire’ in most of his releases. The CD cover art of this album was nowhere near as good as the vinyl release that we have featured here.

Track Listing:
1. Tour
2. Big Time
3. Obstacle
4. Leave Babylon
5. Heathen Reign
6. Don’t Dis the Trinity
7. No Competition
8. Wings of the Morning
9. See from Afar
10. Babylon Judgement
11. Glorious Morning
12. Chant
13. Wings of the Morning [Lil Jon & Paul’s Mix]
14. Heathen Reign [Lil Jon Y Paul’s Mix]
15. Tour [Lil Jon & Paul’s Mix]

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