U. U. Maddo – Teenager in Love [1989]

U. U. Madoo - Teenager in Love

Woah there Mr. Maddo, true she may well be a teenager, but you certainly don’t look like one. We hope you have checked her id and verified her actual age……..and isn’t there an age and height limit to get on those sort of fairground rides? Even that plastic horse seems to be howling in pain having to support the weight of a grown man.

Released in 1989 this is U.U. Maddo’s ‘Teenager in Love’ album. Released on the
Jamaazima record label, the artwork was done by the legendary Orville “Bagga” Case, whose distinctive album covers could be seen on a tonne of 1980s reggae releases (especially the newer digital productions).

This cover hasn’t really stood the test of time here though – it all looks a little ‘sinister’.

Track Listing:
A1 Teenager In Love
A2 Save The Last Dance
A3 Any Dasy Now
A4 Baby Dont Go
A5 Sad Music
B1 Venus
B2 Put Your Head On My Shoulder
B3 Let True Love Begin
B4 Upon The Roof

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Listen to Up On The Roof by U U Madoo:

Listen to ‘Teenager in Love’ by U U Madoo:

Alborosie – Escape From Babylon (2009)

Alborosie - Escape From Babylon (2009)

As we have written elsewhere, we love the classic cartoon-style reggae album covers…….and this has it in spades. The artwork was done by Tony McDermott – who was famous for creating most of the famous cartoon Greensleeves album sleeves (like the Scientist albums) in the 1980s.

Alborosie is an interesting character and has only been on the dancehall scene for a few of years, but basically, he’s a white Italian from Sicily who has grown huge dreads and taken up residence in Kingston Jamaica and has made quite a stir on the music scene.

Fortunately for Alborosie, he’s hugely talented so somehow manages to pull it off. The cover shows a cartoon Alborosie leading a chain of people through a wrecked and dirty city, acting as a modern day ‘Pied Piper’ type of character, leading his people ‘out of babylon’ (and probably not back to Sicily) – except that he’s a white Italian with dreads.

The album is actually very good indeed, full of heavy bass-lines, and intelligent and witty singjay lyrics. Definitely one of the best reggae releases of 2009 – as well as being one of the best dancehall album covers for 2009.

Track Listing:

  • 1. America
  • 2. No Cocaine
  • 3. Mama She Don’t Like You (Ft. I-Eye)
  • 4. Global War
  • 5. Money
  • 6. Irusalem
  • 7. I Can’t Stand It (Ft. Dennis Brown)
  • 8. Real Story
  • 9. Good Woman
  • 10. Dung A Babylon
  • 11. One Sound (Ft. Gramps Morgan)
  • 12. Humbleness
  • 13. Promise Land
  • 14. Mr. President
  • 15. Operation Uppsala
  • 16. Likkle Africa

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Listen to I Rusalem by Alborosie:

Listen to ‘Can’t stand it (feat. Dennis Brown)’ by Alborosie:

Yellowman versus Josey Wales – Two Giants Clash

Yellowman versus Josey Wales - Two Giants Clash

This is another pure classic reggae album cover. Released in 1984, Yellowman and Josey Wales had a side each of this album to showcase their talents, and at the time they were two of the biggest DJs in Jamaica and abroad.

I love the cartoon image of them clashing in the middle of the city and destroying it, in the tradition of those old Monster movies and B-Movies. The longer you look at the album cover your eye pulls more detail out (such as the bus going off the bridge at the bottom). Even the cracked and shaking font used for the title adds to the energy of this album cover. If this could be enlarged into a poster then my life would probably be a little bit more complete.

The album artwork is by Tony McDermott, who was the resident artist at Greensleeves records, and he was responsible for hundreds of reggae album covers (not just on Greensleeves Records either) that all bear the hallmark of his distinctive style. This is one of my favorite Tony McDermott sleeves – probably the best compliment I can pay him is that he is probably the UK equivalent of Wilfred Limonious with regard to the impact he left on Reggae album art.

Oh yeah, the music is great too – so get it.

1: Yellowman – Society Party
2: Yellowman – Strictly Bubbling
3: Yellowman – Mr Big Shot
4: Yellowman – King Of The Crop
5: Yellowman – Wrong Girl To Play With
6: Josey Wales – Bobo Dread
7: Josey Wales – Mi Have Fi Get You
8: Josey Wales – Cure For The Fever
9: Josey Wales – Jah A Mi Guiding Star
10: Josey Wales – Sorry To Say

The actual album has now been deleted but you can still find it on CD from time to time (I’ve seen it go for more than £30!) or available for download (it’s a must have on any reggae fan’s ipod). See below.

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Listen to ‘Jah A Mi Guiding Star’ by Joesy Wales:

Listen to ‘Strictly Bubbling’ by Yellowman:

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  • Download ‘Two Giants Clash’ by Yellowman and Josey Wales from Amazon.com
  • Download ‘Two Giants Clash’ by Yellowman and Josey Wales from Amazon.co.uk
  • Download ‘Two Giants Clash’ by Yellowman and Josey Wales from iTunes [UK]
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Sammy Dread – Roadblock

Sammy Dread - Roadblock

Sammy Dread - Roadblock

Sammy Dread came in strong with some striking album artwork for his 1982 rootsy dancehall release titled ‘Roadblock’.

The art and sleeve design was created by Jamaal Pete, another prolific album arrtist whose work was often signified by his dense and colourful paintings, as can be seen here.

This has got all the signs of rasta rebellion rendered in an awesome hand-drawn cartoon showing Sammy Dread smashing through an army roadblock barrier on a motorbike with Selassie drawn on the petrol tank, spliff in hand, with dreads flying in the wind. Brilliant.

The album is worth picking up too, full of bass-heavy and laid back early rootsy dancehall vocals – The title track was a massive dancehall hit.

Track Listing:

  1. Road Block
  2. Dreadlocks Queen
  3. So Long
  4. Jenny
  5. In A Mans Heart
  6. Today
  7. Jah Guide
  8. Time To Spread
  9. Bad Company
  10. Come Back Darling
  11. Rude Boy A Fire M 16

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Listen to “Roadblock” by Sammy Dread:

Listen to “In a Man’s Heart” by Sammy Dread:

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The good news is that you can still get the full ‘Roadblock’ album by Sammy Dread as a download: