Dean Frazer – Pure Horn [1979]

Dean Frazer Pure Horn

Dean Frazer Pure Horn
Dean Frazer - Pure Horn

Sounds (and looks) like a pheromone spray product – add a gruff voiceover and some sleazy jazz-funk in the background and you’ve got yourself a pheromone advert.

Released on Cha Cha Records in 1979, this is an instrumental album from Dean Frazer and The Horns Men. Dean Frazer was actually born ‘Dean Fraser’ but his surname appears spelt with a ‘z’ on many releases.

We have a soft spot for this album cover (not just because of the boobs) as it contains some real reggae legends and some heavy cuts – which makes the juxtaposition of the teenage innuendo of the album cover and the serious musicianship inside even more puzzling and fun.

Produced by Ossie Hibbert, his album is packed to the brim with musical talent, just check the names, it’s a who’s who of roots reggae:

  • Drums : Sly Dunbar
  • Bass : Robbie Shakespeare
  • Rhythm Guitar : Bo Peep
  • Lead Guitar : Chinna & Michael Chung
  • Organ : Ossie Hibbert & Ansel Collins & Winston Wright
  • Piano : Gladstone Anderson & Ossie Hibbert
  • Tenor Saxophone : Dean Fraser
  • Trombone : Vin Gordon
  • Trumpet : Headley Benett & Bobby Ellis
  • Percussions : Sticky & Barnabas & Scully Simms

Track List:

  • Story Book Children
  • Lovers Samba
  • If I Was A Carpenter
  • Black Mamba
  • Sweet Africa
  • Brandy
  • Love Jah
  • River To The Bank
  • Ethiopian Love Song
  • Get Ready

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Outside of record fairs, Pure Horn isn’t really available anymore, but you can still pick up other classic Dean Frazer music online:


Jah Walton – Touch Her Where She Want It Most

Jah Walton - Touch Her Where She Want It Most

Jah Walton - Touch Her Where She Want It Most

Wow! This is a literal as it gets, may as well have just called the album “Surprise Her From Behind On The Beach”.

This is an album of contradictions, evidenced by the fact that the track listing is bookended by two very different subject materials; the album opens with “Stay A Your Yard And Praise God”, and closes with “Tender Pum Pum”.

It’s like Jah Walton meant well and started recording a roots album, but just didn’t have the concentration span and reverted to being a naughty child by the end. I bet in church he was the picture of concentration when the sermon started, but after 5 minutes his eyes start to glaze over, and 15 minutes later he’s doodling rude pictures in the back of the prayer book.

This album was produced by Phil Pratt and released in 1981 on the Music Force label. The artist behind this slightly sinister album cover actually put his name to it and it is credited to: A Nero

Jah Walton also went under other aliases, such as, Jah Cotton and Joseph Cotton.

Track Listing

  • Stay A Your Yard And Praise God
  • Never Fail I
  • Grease Can
  • One Shirt
  • Adam and Eve
  • Longest Liver
  • Water Ford Rock
  • Medical Man
  • Touch Her Where She Want It Most
  • Tender Pum Pum

Pluto – Ramgoat

pluto ramgoat

A touching moment between man and goat.

Or is Pluto Shervington on all fours trying to establish alpha-male authority by engaging in a butting contest with the goat and this photo captures the moment of impact?

Regardless of what is taking place on the record sleeve, if the lyrics to ‘Ramgoat Liver’ are anything to go by, we can only assume that things ended badly for the goat and Pluto won:

“Ram goat liver good fi mek mannish water / Billy goat teeth mek the earring for you daughter / Curried goat lunch put de bite in your bark / It mek you daughter … It mek you daughter walk and talk”

This is Pluto Shervington’s 1974 album ‘Ramgoat Liver’ on Wildfire Records.

Track List:

  • Jambalaya
  • Letter From Miami
  • Rock The Boat
  • Ramgoat Liver
  • Six Pence
  • I Shot The Sheriff
  • Never Ending Song Of Love
  • Here And Know
  • Kung Fu Fighting
  • Knotty Dread

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Listen to ‘Ramgoat Liver’ by Pluto Shervington:

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You won’t find the Ramgoat album easily these days, but you can get plenty of the tracks on a compilation album:


Ranking Ann – Something Fishy Going On (1983)

Ranking Ann Something Fishy Going On

Released in 1983 on Ariwa records this was Ranking Ann’s second album (her first album was called “A Slice of English Toast”). The album was produced by Mad Professor and as a result it has bass heavy dub feel to it with plenty of sound effects firing off while Ranking Ann DJs over the top.

It’s a real shame that Ranking Ann didn’t really get the recognition that she deserved as her first two albums are really original DJ offerings. Our love for cartoon reggae album covers is well known, and this one is a classic. The album art is credited to Tony McDermott who was famous for the Greensleeves album covers of the 1980s, in particular the Scientist dub albums. Check it out below.

Track Listing:

  • Something Fishy Going On
  • Call Me Ranking Ann
  • Fifty Ways
  • Stop Romance Inna Dance
  • Hot! Hot! Hot!
  • Hot Dub
  • Dangerous Mc
  • Immigration Plan
  • A Wa Do Men
  • The Man Is Mine

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Listen to ‘Stop Romance Ina Dance’ by Ranking Ann:

Listen to ‘Call Me Ranking Ann’ by Ranking Ann:

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Clint Eastwood – Sex Education [1980]

Clint Eastwood - Sex Education

Clint Eastwood - Sex Education

We got bored today and fired up Photoshop in tribute to this great album cover. I wonder what the real Clint Eastwood thinks when he Googles himself and comes across stuff like this on the internet?

Clint Eastwood

This is the 1980 album by the reggae DJ Clint Eastwood on Greensleeves Records (the one at the top, not our photoshop tribute). This album cover looks slightly sinister in this day and age; Mr. Eastwood appears to be teaching sex education in school with a focus on the number 69. We can only assume that he is teaching an adult evening class – and definitely not schoolchildren, yes, that would work. The photography for this album cover is credited to Fabio Gallo .

The album is packed full of Roots Radics rhythm tracks and Clint Eastwood DJs over many of their early 80s dancehall hits from artists like Barrington Levy. Overall a solid 1980s DJ album.

Track List:

  • On The Continent
  • Side Kick
  • Sweet Sweet Jamaica
  • Whole Heap A Gal In A De Dance
  • Sex Education (Me Go Deh Already)
  • Blues Night
  • Watch Yourself Mr. Newspaperman
  • Lend Me Your Girlfriend
  • Brotherman
  • Im A Family Man

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Listen to True True Loving / Sex Education (Me Go Deh Already):

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