Yellowman and Fathead – Bad Boy Skanking [1982]

Yellowman and Fathead - Bad Boy Skanking

In 1982 Yellowman was fast becoming one of the biggest reggae DJs on the planet. The ‘Bad Boy Skanking’ album saw him paired up with fellow DJ and long time friend ‘Fathead’ to produce a classic early 80’s dancehall album with the super producer of the time, Henry Junjo Laws.

The cover is brilliant, totally endearing, and free from the swagger and crassness that would come to dominate dancehall a few years later – plus Fathead has obviously deemed the occasion important enough to bust out his bus conductors hat to go with his tracksuit. Yellowman is also sporting some killer headwear.

Yellowman would go on to become the bigger star out of the two DJs, but this album captures the easy-going relationship between Yellowman and Fathead perfectly.

Bottom line – good album, great rhythms from Henry Junjo Lawes, one for the collection.

Track Listing:
1. Bad Boy Skanking
2. Pon-Wee-Line
3. King Inna The Jungle
4. I Can’t Stand It
5. Give Jah Thanks
6. Bam Bam
7. Love Fat Thing
8. Come When I Call You
9. Natty Dread Something
10. Crying For Love

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Listen to ‘Bad Boy Skanking’ by Yellowman & Fathead:

Listen to ‘Give Jah Thanks’ by Yellowman & Fathead:


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Massive Dread – This Is Massive

Massive Dread - This Is Massive
This is as bad as it gets. Even if you are struggling to establish your identity in the music business, surely a blank album cover is preferable to this?

Massive Dread also looks like he’s possibly asleep and someone has put some sunglasses on his head and taken a picture.

“This Is Massive” was a compilation album of Massive Dread’s past hits and favourites and was released on Nyam Up Records. Despite the horrific album cover its got some classic tunes on it that are rarely heard outside of core reggae circles.

Massive Dread was sadly shot dead in 1994, just one year after he helped establish the Trenchtown Reading Centre – a community project designed to improve literacy and learning for the children of Trenchtown.

Track Listings
1. This Is Massive
2. Strictly Bubbling
3. Chicken Chest
4. Vamps on the Corner
5. Justice Love Harmony
6. Pussy on the Window
7. Bubble Her, Inna Ja
8. Monkey Do
9. Wa Do Dem
10. Nice Dem Up
11. Shake-Bubble Senora
12. No Sell Yuh Body
13. Nimble

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Listen to Massive Dread – “This Is Massive”

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Sadly there isn’t much Massive Dread readily available for download, you can still pick up a few of his standout tracks online though (but it would be nice to see his albums re-issued as downloads):