Dennis Brown – Live At Montreaux

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984]

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984]

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984] back

This is going into our ‘Iconic & Classic Album Covers’.

This live album first appeared on Joe Gibbs records in 1979 and was subsequently re-released in 1984 on Blue Moon Records – and it is this 1984 version that we are focusing on here.

The album art is striking and really captures the energy of this live performance and the sense of occasion that surrounded Dennis Brown at Montreaux. The artwork and sleeve design is credited to ‘Wyke Studios, Guilford’.

The album itself is a stunning live performance by Dennis Brown recorded at the annual Montreux festival as part of his 1979 tour. The band is incredible and a lot of freedom and time is given to each track with instrumental sections and improvisation throughout the whole album – in places it comes across as heavy as a rock performance. It’s an essential album for all reggae fans.

Track Listing:

  • So Jah Say
  • Wolves And Leopards
  • Words Of Wisdom
  • Ain’t That Loving You
  • The Drifter
  • Milk And Honey
  • Yabby You
  • Don’t Feel No Way
  • Whip Them Jah
  • Money In My Pocket

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Listen to The Drifter by Dennis Brown at Montreaux:

Listen to Milk and Honey by Dennis Brown at Montreaux:

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It is available as a double CD set with the second disc a DVD, and it’s also readily available as a download:

Ranking Dread – Ranking Dread In Dub

Ranking Dread - Ranking Dread In Dub

Ranking Dread - Ranking Dread In Dub

This is a classic reggae album sleeve. This is the cover for the Ranking Dread “In Dub” album and it is one of those rare reggae covers where the artwork is as good as the music – in this case, stunning.

It was orginally released in 1982 on Silver Camel Records and the album art is credited to Rod Vass and features a heavily stylised dreadlocked head in black and white and positioned on a red background.

The original vinyl was only pressed in very limited numbers and is either next to impossible to find, or very expensive to buy from a record collector. In recent years it has been made available on CD, and if you don’t have it then we strongly suggest that you pick a copy up.

Despite the Ranking Dread title, this is primarily a dub album and not a DJ album.

Side A and Side B of the album featured different producers and bands:

Track List:

Side One: Sly & Robbie mixed by King Tubby

  • Bom Dub
  • No More Waiting
  • Dub land
  • Jump Up Dub
  • JAH Dub

Side Two: Roots Radics mixed by Scientist

  • Give Them Dub
  • Dub it Star
  • 19000 Dub
  • Yes Yes Yes Dub
  • Dub it on Yah

Listen To It
Listen to Yes Yes Yes Dub from Ranking Dread in Dub:

Listen to Love A Dub from Ranking Dread In Dub:

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Rico Rodriguez – Man From Wareika [1977]

Rico - Man From Wareika

Back Cover:

Rico - Man From Wareika (back cover)

This is a real favourite album of ours – both for the artwork and the music within.

“Man From Wareika” was Rico Rodriguez’s first full studio album that he created as an artist. Despite being a heavy instrumental roots album there is also a strong Jazz influence that seeps through the entire album. It’s an album that whilst being a true reggae album at heart, also manages to transcend its genre and stand up stong as a stunning musical composition and a genuine classic.

Produced by Karl Pitterson, “Man From Wareika” appeared on Island Records in 1977 at a time when the major recording labels were embracing Jamaican reggae music. Other pressings of the album were also released by Blue Note Records (1977) and Top Ranking Records (1977) in Jamaica.

Sadly this incredible album is very hard to get hold of now and there seems to be no sign of any re-release planned in the near future for it. A version was released in 2004 for Japan and imports can sometimes still be found online.

Track List:

  • This Day
  • Ramble
  • Lumumba
  • Africa
  • Man From Wareika
  • Rasta
  • Over The Mountain
  • Gunga Din
  • Dial Africa

Listen To It
Listen to ‘Lumumba’ by Rico Rodriguez:

Listen to ‘Man From Wareika’ by Rico Rodriguez:

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Peter Tosh – (You Gotta) Walk and Don’t Look Back

Peter Tosh - (You Gotta) Walk and Don't Look Back

Ok, not strictly an album cover – but this single is worth the attention. Lovely cover and design – you can tell this had major label backing and a professional designer (as compared to other Jamaican independent album sleeve disasters).

After splitting from the Wailers and starting his own successful solo career, Peter Tosh eventually signed to a record label that was set up by The Rolling Stones. Tosh’s music often had much in common with the rock and soul music of the time, so stylistically this was a good fit with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger’s label.

Mick Jagger appears on this track, and it’s a beauty.

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Fortunately its a great song, and still available:

  • Download (You Gotta) Walk and Don’t Look Back from
  • Download (You Gotta) Walk and Don’t Look Back from

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One of the best videos ever, and I love the way that Peter Tosh is trying hard to ignore Mick’s jerky dancing routine in this. Total opposite ends of the dancing spectrum here:

Watch ‘You Gotta Walk and Don’t Look Back’ with Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger:

Sir Coxsone – King Of The Dub Rock [1975]

Sir Coxsone - King Of The Dub Rock

Sir Coxsone - King Of The Dub Rock

Love this album cover. This dub album was released in 1975 on Safari records and also on Tribes Man records.

Sir Coxsone AKA Sir Coxsone Outernational was a UK Sound System named after Jamaica’s Coxsone Dodd that was started by Lloyd Coxsone (born Lloyd Blackford), after he moved to England from Jamaica. In the early 1970’s Coxsone was famous around London’s reggae scene and held resident nights at famous clubs like The Four Aces in Dalston and the Roaring Twenties club in Soho. I Roy also came across from Jamaica for a while during these years and acted as the DJ for the sound system.

It wasn’t long before Coxsone turned his hand to production and launched his own record label. As well as working with artists such as The Royals, he also made his name releasing two critically acclaimed dub albums called ‘King Of The Dub Rock’ and ‘King Of The Dub Rock Part 2′.

For a fascinating insight into the UK Sound System culture make sure you check out the documentary Sound Business that includes interviews with Lloyd Coxsone. Watch it HERE.

Track Listing :

  • King Of The Dubb Rock
  • Capitol Radio Rock
  • Live & Love
  • Born To Love
  • Mouth Of The Wicked
  • Piccadilly Circus Dubb
  • Tribute To Mohammed Ali
  • Many Moods Of Coxsone
  • It’s Reggae Time Dubb Rock
  • Sounds Of Safari

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Listen to ‘Born To Love’ by Sir Coxsone:

Listen to ‘Capital Radio Rock’ by Sir Coxsone:

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  • Download ‘King of the Dub Rock’ by Sir Coxsone from
  • Download ‘King of the Dub Rock’ by Sir Coxsone from