Dennis Brown – Live At Montreaux

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984]

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984]

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984] back

This is going into our ‘Iconic & Classic Album Covers’.

This live album first appeared on Joe Gibbs records in 1979 and was subsequently re-released in 1984 on Blue Moon Records – and it is this 1984 version that we are focusing on here.

The album art is striking and really captures the energy of this live performance and the sense of occasion that surrounded Dennis Brown at Montreaux. The artwork and sleeve design is credited to ‘Wyke Studios, Guilford’.

The album itself is a stunning live performance by Dennis Brown recorded at the annual Montreux festival as part of his 1979 tour. The band is incredible and a lot of freedom and time is given to each track with instrumental sections and improvisation throughout the whole album – in places it comes across as heavy as a rock performance. It’s an essential album for all reggae fans.

Track Listing:

  • So Jah Say
  • Wolves And Leopards
  • Words Of Wisdom
  • Ain’t That Loving You
  • The Drifter
  • Milk And Honey
  • Yabby You
  • Don’t Feel No Way
  • Whip Them Jah
  • Money In My Pocket

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Listen to The Drifter by Dennis Brown at Montreaux:

Listen to Milk and Honey by Dennis Brown at Montreaux:

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It is available as a double CD set with the second disc a DVD, and it’s also readily available as a download:

Max Romeo – Let The Power Fall [1971]

Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall

Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall

This is Max Romeo’s 1971 album called Let The Power Fall that was released on Dynamic Sounds record label in Jamaica. Produced by Bunny Lee, it’s a total roots affair with a strong emphasis on religious songs and the odd cover version.

As artwork goes, this is a very clean and respectable album cover from the singer who put the ‘rude’ into ‘rudeboy’ with early slack tracks like “Wet Dream”. We love the innocence of the cover on this album, – this is exactly the sort of record artwork you would NEVER get nowadays.

Can you imagine Vybz Kartel coming out with an album cover like this – of course not. Well, not unless you replaced the headwear with a cap, added more tattoos, replaced the flowers with a spliff, and scrawled Gaza all over the record sleeve………..Max’s high-buttoned silk shirt and bunch of flowers would count for nothing amongst today’s reggae alpha-males.

Track Listing:

  • Missing You
  • Puppet On A String
  • Crackling Rose
  • Chie Chie Bud
  • Black Equality
  • Let The Power Fall On I
  • Don’t You Weep
  • Mother Oh Mother
  • Chicken Thief
  • Ginalship
  • Macabee Version
  • Batchelor Boy

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Listen to ‘Let The Power Fall’ by Max Romeo:

Listen to ‘Fowl Thief’ by Max Romeo:

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Lizzard – Satta I [1976]

Lizzard - Satta I

First reader submission from ‘Void’ who picks a classic entry and a tough, tough album. There is a lot of love for this album and it’s well overdue a re-release as it’s near impossible to find now.

Void writes:
This is about as rich and excellently designed as reggae album covers come. Released in 1976, Clive Hunt (aka Lizzard), captured that rural, shed-production type quality about this album, but the cover is simply magnificent for such an obscure album. I’d be lucky if I were to ever find a copy of this anywhere, but this is an entrancing masterpiece of a cover, and just about as good as they come.

This album was released on Trojan Records in 1976 and the artwork is credited to Norman Beckett.

Track Listing:

  1. Coloured Face
  2. Jah Jah Bless I
  3. Milk And Honey
  4. Jehosaphat
  5. No Peace
  6. I Thiopians
  7. Fight I Down
  8. Lady Of The Night
  9. Satta I

Cheers Void!
Listen To It
Listen to ‘Coloured Face’ by Lizzard:

Listen to ‘Jehoshaphat’ by Lizzard:

Listen to ‘Satta I’ by Lizzard:

Want to contribute an album cover that means something to you; one that is rare; one you have a story attached to, or some factual info? Let us know.

Gregory Isaacs – In Person (1974/1975)

A side by side comparison starring Gregory Isaacs!

Gregory Isaacs - In Person

Gregory Isaacs - In Person (Trojan Release)

Released on GGs in 1974 (top picture), I loved this album cover of Gregory chilling in his car (Gregory is no stranger to posing in a car). Trojan records released the album in the UK a year later (1975) and chose to turn the original sleeve into a drawing. We definitely prefer the original sleeve.

Track Listing:

  • Sweeter The Victory
  • Love Overdue
  • Financial Endorsement
  • Be Careful
  • Another Heart Ache
  • If You’re In Love
  • Dreams Come True
  • The Way She Walks
  • Far Beyond The Valley
  • Happiness Come
  • No Forgiveness
  • Love Disguise

This is as good a Gregory Isaacs album as you’ll ever get – he was at the peak of his powers here, before drug addiction dulled his lyrical ability and turned his voice into a nasal croak like Bob Dylan crossed with a frog. The album still stands the test of time and it remains an amazing set of tracks. But I’d advise you to forget the Gregory Isaacs output of today and turn up ‘Love Is Overdue’ on your speakers instead.

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Listen to ‘Love is Overdue’ by Gregory Isaacs:

Listen to ‘Sweeter The Victory” by Gregory Isaacs:

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‘In Person’ is pretty much impossible to find in the shops, however, you can still get ‘Love is Overdue’ that featured the bulk of the tracks from ‘In Person’ as well as plenty of extras. We highly recommend it.

  • Get ‘Love is Overdue’ by Gregory Isaacs from
  • Get ‘Love is Overdue’ by Gregory Isaacs from
  • Get ‘Love is Overdue’ by Gregory Isaacs from iTunes [UK]
  • Get ‘Love is Overdue’ by Gregory Isaacs from iTunes [US]icon

Prince Far I – Showcase in a Suitcase [1980]

Prince Far I - Showcase in a Suitcase

In the professional world of ‘reggae album cover design’, a complete lack of design skill and the total inability to spell does not mean you cannot succeed in your chosen field. The willingness to try counts for far more than any design qualification ever will.

“Prince Far I Meet Veros Artis – In Ram Packed Showcase In A Suitcase” – What more do you want from an album cover? This has everything. A hand-drawn suitcase, what looks like a hand-drawn title, cut and paste lettering, and spelling mistakes. ‘Vero Artists’ = ‘Various Artists’ I’d assume.

Track Listing:

  • Prince Far I & Ashanti Roy – Throw Away Your Gun
  • The Roots Radics – Buds Bush
  • Prince Far I & The Wailing Souls – How Love Devine
  • The Roots Radics – Lovers Rock
  • Prince Far I & Ashanti Roy – If You Want To Know Your Friend
  • The Roots Radics – Farm Duck
  • Naggo Morris – Can’t Take Su Su Pon Dread
  • The Roots Radics – Prince Far I Dub
  • Prince Far I & Naggo Morris – Mighty Ruler
  • The Roots Radics – Jah Do That

Despite the crappy, but charming album sleeve, this album has got some killer heavy roots cuts on it. The opening track, “Throw Away Your Gun” is one of my all time DJ tracks. This album is hard to find, but many of the tracks are available on other compilations.

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Listen to ‘Throw Away Your Gun’ by Prince Far I:

Listen to ‘Mighty Ruler + Version’ by Naggo Morris & Prince Far I:

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