Clint Eastwood – Sex Education [1980]

Clint Eastwood - Sex Education

Clint Eastwood - Sex Education

We got bored today and fired up Photoshop in tribute to this great album cover. I wonder what the real Clint Eastwood thinks when he Googles himself and comes across stuff like this on the internet?

Clint Eastwood

This is the 1980 album by the reggae DJ Clint Eastwood on Greensleeves Records (the one at the top, not our photoshop tribute). This album cover looks slightly sinister in this day and age; Mr. Eastwood appears to be teaching sex education in school with a focus on the number 69. We can only assume that he is teaching an adult evening class – and definitely not schoolchildren, yes, that would work. The photography for this album cover is credited to Fabio Gallo .

The album is packed full of Roots Radics rhythm tracks and Clint Eastwood DJs over many of their early 80s dancehall hits from artists like Barrington Levy. Overall a solid 1980s DJ album.

Track List:

  • On The Continent
  • Side Kick
  • Sweet Sweet Jamaica
  • Whole Heap A Gal In A De Dance
  • Sex Education (Me Go Deh Already)
  • Blues Night
  • Watch Yourself Mr. Newspaperman
  • Lend Me Your Girlfriend
  • Brotherman
  • Im A Family Man

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Listen to True True Loving / Sex Education (Me Go Deh Already):

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Ranking Slackness – Slackest LP [1979]

Ranking Slackness - Slackest LP (1979)
For the uninitiated, the term ‘slackness’ basically refers to sex and bawdy lyrics.

Ranking Slackness seems to be doing a jig (whilst holding his trousers up) in order to lure the ladies into his web of slackness. Nice sketch of the naked lady at the top as well, either the artist messed up one of her feet and decided to cover it up by drawing a shoe on her, or maybe Ranking Slackness just likes his ladies with only one shoe.

This album was released in 1979 on Techniques Records in Jamaica, and was an instant, but controversial, hit which paved the way for more artists to raise the bar and go even more ‘slack’ than ranking Slackness did on this record. The album was produced by Winston Riley, and is packed with some of the biggest and bass heavy riddims of the late 70s. Great album for the genre.

Track Listing:

  • Bath Room Sex
  • Roast Duck
  • Stretch To Fit
  • Adam And Eve
  • Give Me One Of Your Gal Friends
  • Tribute To Hotel Staff
  • Cockie No Beg Friend
  • Lift Up Your Dress Fat Gal

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Listen to Lift Up Your Dress Fat Gal by Ranking Slackness:

Listen to Cockie No Beg No Friend by Ranking Slackness