Cocoa Tea – Weh Dem A Go Do (Can’t Stop Cocoa Tea) [1984]


One fact that every reggae artist faces, is that at some point, at some time, a Jamaican graphic designer will spell your name wrong on your big album release – and here’s when it happened to Cocoa Tea. Actually to be fair, Cocoa Tea has recorded under the Coco Tea name on a number of occasions….but the point stands.

I like this album sleeve though and that bike looks twice as big as Cocoa Tea for a start. And those are the skinny jeans to end all skinny jeans.

There is something refreshing about an album artwork shoot that probably had no more planning other than some guy with a camera saying “Get your smart clothes on, get your mates, and grab your bike and get out in the street, we are taking photos for your album today“.

Another image from (what looks like the same photo-shoot) is used on Cocoa Tea’s 1985 “I Lost My Sonia” album, also on Volcano Records. At least we think it is the same shoot – the clothes are the same and that bike makes another appearance.

Released in 1984 on Volcano Records this was essentially a collection on Cocoa Tea’s biggest dancehall hits – and it’s got some classics on it.

Track Listing:

  • Rocking Dolly
  • Informer
  • Jah Made Them That Way
  • Evening Time
  • Can’t Stop Cocoa Tea
  • Lost My Sonia
  • I’m Wanted
  • I’m Going home
  • On Top Of The World
  • Chalice Nuh Fi Ramp With

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Listen to ‘Evening Time’ by Cocoa Tea:

Listen to ‘Rocking Dolly’ by Cocoa tea:

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