cutty ranks - the stopper

Cutty Ranks – The Stopper [1991]

cutty ranks - the stopper

Inspired by the Cutty Ranks Anthology that we posted about previously, we’ve decided to look at another Cutty Ranks album with some pretty unique album art for an early 1990s dancehall record.

The Stopper came out in 1991 on Fashion Records and on Profile Records (an early Hip-Hop label that got bought by a major label) which goes some way to explaining the stylized album art on display here. The album its a collection of 8 tracks that are all delivered in Cutty’s distinctive rock stone style.

As previously mentioned, early 90s dancehall records (especially the Jamaican releases) usually featured pretty garish artwork with excess, self-indulgence, and posing being the general artistic themes, just check Buju’s Mr. Mention as a good example. The Stopper by Cutty Ranks has none of that, it looks like the poster for a 1970s exploitation or grindhouse movie – brilliant stuff.

Track Listing:
1. Stopper
2. Cutter
3. Pon Pause
4. Mi Aim
5. Hand Grenade
6. Original Rude Boy Style
7. One Day Badness
8. Lovin’ Boom – Barry Boom, Cutty Ranks

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