Dennis Alcapone – King Of The Track [1974]

Dennis Alcapone - King Of The Track

If I was going to collect an award (or whatever is happening there) from Bunny Lee I’d probably wear my shiny silver trousers too. In the early 1970s, Dennis Alcapone, alongside U-Roy and Big Youth, was one of the biggest DJs in Jamaica and totally ruled the dancehalls and charts.

Alcapone is looking way too cool on what is otherwise a pretty plain album cover. You can only wonder what this sleeve would have looked like if it was in colour, it would probably have come with a ‘sensory overload’ warning sticker placed over those trousers. There is enough data in this photo for a team of forensic tailors to study for years and still not come up with a solution to replicate those trousers in this day and age.

The album is pretty good too and collects together many of Dennis Alcapone’s hits from 1974. (Note: This album was also released again in 1995 under the name: “Musical Liquidator”)

Track Listing:
1. King Of The Track
2. Girl Of My Dream
3. Here I Come
4. Don’t Rush It
5. Memory Lane
6. Two Of A Kind
7. Lorna Banana
8. Jamaica Way
9. Freedom Skank
10. Musical Message
11. Musical Liquidator
12. Cassius Clay

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Listen to ‘Here I come’ by Dennis Alcapone:

Listen to ‘Cassius Clay’ by Dennis Alcapone:

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