Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984]

Dennis Brown – Live At Montreaux

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984]

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984] back

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This live album first appeared on Joe Gibbs records in 1979 and was subsequently re-released in 1984 on Blue Moon Records – and it is this 1984 version that we are focusing on here.

The album art is striking and really captures the energy of this live performance and the sense of occasion that surrounded Dennis Brown at Montreaux. The artwork and sleeve design is credited to ‘Wyke Studios, Guilford’.

The album itself is a stunning live performance by Dennis Brown recorded at the annual Montreux festival as part of his 1979 tour. The band is incredible and a lot of freedom and time is given to each track with instrumental sections and improvisation throughout the whole album – in places it comes across as heavy as a rock performance. It’s an essential album for all reggae fans.

Track Listing:

  • So Jah Say
  • Wolves And Leopards
  • Words Of Wisdom
  • Ain’t That Loving You
  • The Drifter
  • Milk And Honey
  • Yabby You
  • Don’t Feel No Way
  • Whip Them Jah
  • Money In My Pocket

Listen To It
Listen to The Drifter by Dennis Brown at Montreaux:

Listen to Milk and Honey by Dennis Brown at Montreaux:

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It is available as a double CD set with the second disc a DVD, and it’s also readily available as a download: