Dillinger - Bionic Dread

Dillinger – Bionic Dread [1976]

Dillinger - Bionic Dread

This is just too good, so it deserves a front and back view of the album sleeve.

During the 1970s when reggae was experiencing a relative degree of commercial success, record labels like Virgin, and Island were signing up the biggest names in Jamaica and releasing their albums.

This investment led to some great artwork being created to support the record label’s marketing strategy for their new Jamaican talent. Many major labels went down the rebellious route in marketing and presenting reggae artists, and tried to capitalize on the popularity that reggae had with the punk crowd.

Dillinger’s ‘Bionic Dread’ album is one such example. Released in 1976 on Island records, Dillinger’s Bionic Dread album had some really striking artwork. As you can see, it features Dillinger as a part-human/part-machine roaring past a family in their old-fashioned car.

Track List:

  • Bionic Dread
  • King Of The Road
  • Invisible Dread
  • Forward Commandments
  • Ragnampiza
  • Rastaman Skank
  • Ital Fighting
  • Combination Two
  • Selassie I
  • Natty B.S.C.

As well as having great artwork, it’s a great album too. Dillinger DJs over some heavy roots rhythms by Sly and Robbie.

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