Dub War Coxsone VS Quaker City [1981]

Dub War Coxsone VS Quaker City [1981]

Dub War Coxsone VS Quaker City [1981]

Dub War Coxsone VS Quaker City [1981]

First released in 1981 on Canadian label Imperial Records, this dub album is a rarity that put two of the leading UK sound systems, Coxsone and Quaker City, head to head in a clash on vinyl.

It is fair to say that this album probably went under the radar for many people, but in recent years modern artists and producers like Skream have name checked this album as an influence.

The album was mixed by Scientist and showcases some of his best mixing work.

The artwork is pretty incredible showing an intense war montage all hand painted in dull brown, green, and yellow.

The artwork was by Jeff Browne, who also created a small number of other reggae album sleeves for other Canadian labels like the Puff Records release of Barrington Levy’s ‘Run Come Ya!

One of the great things about the current digitization of music and back catalogues means that this once rare vinyl release is now easily accessible for download, so you should definitly check it out.

A1 Third & Fourth Generation – Dub
A2 Coxsone Feel This One – Dub
A3 Streight In The Boy Coxsone Chest – Dub
A4 The Man Never Immetiate Always Orriginate – Dub
A5 Ride On – Dub
B1 Run Come Listen Coxsone – Dub
B2 Murderer Style – Dub
B3 Scientist Say Papa Coxsone Gone – Dub
B4 Give Them Dub Coxsone – Dub
B5 Coxsone A Chemist In A This – Dub


Listen to ‘Straight In The Boy Coxsone Chest’ by Coxsone VS Quaker City:

Listen to ‘Give Them Dub Coxsone’ by Coxsone VS Quaker City:


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