Elephant Man - Dance and Sweep

Elephant Man – Dance and Sweep

Elephant Man - Dance and Sweep

This is more like it.

Elephant Man is on a mission to bring the fun back to Dancehall. His latest album is called “Dance and Sweep – Adventures of the Energy God”, and it features a fantastic piece of cartoon cover art that brings back memories of those old Greensleeves album covers (especially the Scientist ones). The album art was by Tony McDermott, the legendary artist that produced much of the album art for the Greensleeves reggae release – including the aforementioned Scientist ones.

This is released on VP records, who actually acquired Greensleeves a while back – so the link between the two is not that surprising.

The cartoon cover protrays Elephant Man as the dancehall superhero who is here to start the party and lead the crowd in dancing. Look closely and you’ll see what looks like Usain Bolt in the background, and even Harry Potter clutching his broom for the Dance and Sweep. There’s a possible Barak Obama in the background as well?


1. The Genesis (The Energy God’s Introduction)
2. How We Do It ft. Bounty Killer
3. Party Up In Here
4. In Jamaica
5. Nuh Linga
6. Dance And Sweep
7. Clear ft. Kardinal Offishall
8. Sweep
9. Wine And Dip
10. Dip Again
11. Swing
12. Step Ova
13. Shake It
14. Let Me Be The Man
15. Life Of The Party Ft. Bounty Killer (Digital Exclusive)

Dancehall fans will be already familiar with some of the tracklisting as recent singles like ‘How We Do It” and “Nuh Linga” are included.

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Listen to ‘How We Do It” with Bounty Killer (Mad Collab riddim):

Listen to “Wine & Dip”:

Watch the official video for “Nuh Linga”:

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