Errol Scorcher & the Revolutionaries – Rastafire (Ballistic Records 1978)

Errol Scorcher & the Revolutionaries - Rastafire

I had to think twice about this one – it’s either a brilliant cover, or an awful one.

No, it’s definately an awful album cover, it also made us think of Massive Dread’s ‘It’s Massive’ album cover. Could it be possible that a graphic designer so bad actually got commissioned twice to do album design work in their career?

There is a definite disco feel about this sleeve.

Track Listing:
1 Steppin’ worldwide
2 Sister Pat
3 Cardiac arrest, instradub
4 Jolly bus ting
5 Show I the way
6 Heart failure, instradub
7 One man ranch
8 Rockers hat
9 Post mortem, instradub
10 Jump and prance
11 Baby mutha
12 Rigor mortis, instradub

Whenever you hear anyone say that smoking weed helps creativity……point them here, and show them this album cover.

Listen To It

Despite poking fun at the crappy album cover, there are some nice heavy tracks on this, and some tough DJ cuts. The effort clearly went into the music as opposed to the artwork:

Listen to Errol Scorcher – Rockers Hat:

Listen to Errol Scorcher – One Man Ranch:

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