Gappy Ranks Put The Stereo On

Gappy Ranks – Put The Stereo On

Gappy Ranks Put The Stereo On

A modern dancehall album that doesn’t look like a modern dancehall album! Understated, well designed, nice fonts.

Gappy Ranks has just released his debut album and the album cover is really nice.

The album itself couldn’t strictly be classed as hardcore dancehall by any means (although Gappy has released pure dancehall tracks in the past), it is more of a well written tribute to reggae music over the years – so in that sense the album art really works well. It has a real Studio One, or blues feel to it – even down to the detail; if you look closely you can see it has been designed to look like one of the old paper album sleeves that contains a big slab of vinyl that has worn through, and has become imprinted on the outer cover.

Interview with Gappy Ranks on the making of his new album:

Put The Stereo On – Gappy Ranks: Track Listing:
1. Mountain Top
2. Heaven In Her Eyes
3. Put The Stereo On
4. Pumpkin Belly
5. Happiest Day Of My Life
6. Musical Girl
7. Little Understanding
8. They Shall Love
9. So Lost
10. Soul Rebel

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