Gregory Isaacs – In Person (1974/1975)

A side by side comparison starring Gregory Isaacs!

Gregory Isaacs - In Person

Gregory Isaacs - In Person (Trojan Release)

Released on GGs in 1974 (top picture), I loved this album cover of Gregory chilling in his car (Gregory is no stranger to posing in a car). Trojan records released the album in the UK a year later (1975) and chose to turn the original sleeve into a drawing. We definitely prefer the original sleeve.

Track Listing:

  • Sweeter The Victory
  • Love Overdue
  • Financial Endorsement
  • Be Careful
  • Another Heart Ache
  • If You’re In Love
  • Dreams Come True
  • The Way She Walks
  • Far Beyond The Valley
  • Happiness Come
  • No Forgiveness
  • Love Disguise

This is as good a Gregory Isaacs album as you’ll ever get – he was at the peak of his powers here, before drug addiction dulled his lyrical ability and turned his voice into a nasal croak like Bob Dylan crossed with a frog. The album still stands the test of time and it remains an amazing set of tracks. But I’d advise you to forget the Gregory Isaacs output of today and turn up ‘Love Is Overdue’ on your speakers instead.

Listen To It
Listen to ‘Love is Overdue’ by Gregory Isaacs:

Listen to ‘Sweeter The Victory” by Gregory Isaacs:

Buy It
‘In Person’ is pretty much impossible to find in the shops, however, you can still get ‘Love is Overdue’ that featured the bulk of the tracks from ‘In Person’ as well as plenty of extras. We highly recommend it.

  • Get ‘Love is Overdue’ by Gregory Isaacs from
  • Get ‘Love is Overdue’ by Gregory Isaacs from
  • Get ‘Love is Overdue’ by Gregory Isaacs from iTunes [UK]
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