Horace Andy Dance Hall Style

Horace Andy – Dance Hall Style

Horace Andy Dance Hall Style

Horace Andy Dance Hall Style [rear]

Despite being released in 1982, this album was actually recorded in the late 1970s, and it shows – the music is deep, heavy and has the unique Wackies sound and arrangement steeped through it.

Produced by Bullwackie and recorded in the Bronx, this album is notable for the release of ‘Spying Glass’, a song that Horace Andy would later re-record with Massive Attack.

This is a great album and has an ‘otherworldly’ feel to it that comes from the arrangements and the incredible extended dubs, as much as from Horace Andy’s etheral vocals. Horace Andy is also credited with contributing guitar and bass to this album.

The album art really suits this record and it’s a personal favourite of ours. The black and white grainy effect, with a near full length artist shot was used on many Wackie’s releases, and really gave the label a distinctive feel – whether it was intentional or not.

The rear of the record sleeve features some great studio shots too that really suits the whole set. And in true Jamaican fashion (despite being a US based label) there is a misspelling on the sleeve of the CD version: The final track is listed as “Lets Kive in Love”, when it should be “Lets Live In Love” – but we aren’t complaining as the album is so good.

Totally recommend that you seek this out if you haven’t got it already. Buy it, sit back, and immerse yourself in one of the most unique and heavy vocal/dubs sets to come out of the end of the 70s.

Track List:

  • Money Money
  • Lonely Woman
  • Cuss Cuss
  • Stop The Fuss
  • Spying Glass
  • Lets Live In Love

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Listen to ‘Spying Glass’ by Horace Andy:

Listen to ‘Money Money’ by Horace Andy

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