Jacob Miller - Wanted

Jacob Miller – Wanted [1978]

Jacob Miller - Wanted
wanted back cover
You know those guys who were always effortlessly cool no matter how they looked, and always looked like they were having more fun than you? Well that’s Jacob Miller. And it is pretty much backed up with every album sleeve he has ever appeared on.

This album came out in 1978 on the Top Ranking record label and its a collection of thunderous roots reggae songs with Jacob Miller’s vocals in fine form as they soar across the tracks.

The rear of the album cover presents the band members as fugitives on the run, and the text reads like a police ‘wanted’ poster for each of the.

Although, to be fair, at that time if Jacob Miller and the Inner Circle band had been on the run from the police, then they would’ve been easy enough to spot – they were probably the heaviest band measured in pure body-mass terms in the history of reggae. And they wouldn’t have got far running anyway.

This is a better close up of the text on the back of the album:
wanted close up

The album itself is great. As mentioned, Jacob Miller and the boys were heavy in frame, but also heavy in music and this album is full of blistering roots anthems like ‘Healing of the Nation’.

Track list:

  • Silver & Gold
  • I’ve Got The Handle
  • Standing Firm
  • Healing Of The Nation
  • Wanted
  • Sinners
  • Ital Light
  • Peace Treaty Special
  • Bionic Skank

Jacob Miller burned brightly in his short time in the music industry, and the reggae world lost a huge talent when Miller died at only 27 years old in a car crash.

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