Junior Murvin - Muggers In The Street

Junior Murvin – Muggers In The Street [1984]

Junior Murvin - Muggers In The Street [1984]

If by ‘Muggers’ he means ‘Goat’ then Junior Murvin is spot on.

If not, then this album cover certainly doesn’t really match the social statement and warning that Junior Murvin is trying to convey with the title. Still, it’s a photo of a ‘street’, and the word ‘street’ is in the title, so it’s a partial win.

The rest of the album art, from the font to the graphics used is pure 1980s, so it will come as no surprise that this was released in 1984 on Greensleeves.

It was produced by Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes, who was the king of dancehall riddims in the early 80s, and despite this, it remains a roots album as opposed to a dancehall one. The problem is, it isn’t a great roots album, and whilst we acknowledge that ‘Police and Thieves’ is a classic, there was really no need to do an 80s remake of the track, mix it up a little bit, and call it ‘Muggers In The Street’. Junior Murvin was clearly on autopilot for this record – it’s not all bad though. And the album art has its own charm about it.

Track List:

  • Judas And Jesus
  • Champagne And Wine
  • Jahova’s Children
  • Strikes And Demonstrations
  • Muggers In The Street
  • Stop The Crime
  • Jamaican Girls
  • Hook Line And Sinker
  • Think Twice
  • I’ll Follow You

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