Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub [1975]

Keith Hudson – Pick A Dub [1975]

Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub [1975]

Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub [1975]

Keith Hudson’s 1974 release ‘Pick A Dub’ is widely regarded as one of the first, and most influential dub albums ever released. The album is very minimal, with very few sound effects that would come to be standard on many dub albums to follow – instead this is stripped down remixes of tracks like “Declaration of Rights” and “Satta Massa Gana” with a brutal emphasis on bass and drums, punctuated by vocal snippets.

The album cover was equally as minimal, simply featuring a sketch of a man smoking a spliff under a tree. The rear featured a photo of Hudson reclining in a tree with his flares on. Artwork credited to Ian Mullings.

Later releases on Atra Records preserved the same artwork, but added a coloured background, as can be seen below.

Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub [1975]

This album has been re-issued many times over the years, so the good news is that it isn’t hard to find a copy of this classic and seminal album.

Pick A Dub
Black Heart
Michale Talbot Affair
Don’t Move
Blood Brother
Dreaded Than
In The Rain
Part 1-2 Dubwise
Black Right
I’m All Right
Depth Charge


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