Leroy Smart – Let Everyman Survive [1979]

Leroy Smart - Let Everyman Survive

Leroy Smart dishing out the dollars to the neighbourhood with a jaunty stance. But wait a minute, what’s that – tie dyed jeans, or has a pen leaked in his pocket? Nope, the jeans look way too tight to allow a pen to be squeezed into the pocket, must be tie dyed.

This album was recorded at the Channel One Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, and was released in 1979 on GGs Records. It has since been re-released via the Jamaican Gold label.

Leroy Smart basically split himself between love songs and roots songs throughout his career, and interestingly, more than any other singer, he divides some reggae fans that I know who either love or hate him.

Let Everyman Survive fluctuates between love songs and roots tracks.

Track Listing:

  • Sugar In My Coffee
  • Jah Is At Hand
  • I Still Pray
  • If You Want My Love
  • Live Up Right
  • Let Everyman Survive
  • Collie Give Me Wisdom
  • You Are Mine
  • Black And White
  • You Never Need Me

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