Lizzard – Satta I [1976]

Lizzard - Satta I

First reader submission from ‘Void’ who picks a classic entry and a tough, tough album. There is a lot of love for this album and it’s well overdue a re-release as it’s near impossible to find now.

Void writes:
This is about as rich and excellently designed as reggae album covers come. Released in 1976, Clive Hunt (aka Lizzard), captured that rural, shed-production type quality about this album, but the cover is simply magnificent for such an obscure album. I’d be lucky if I were to ever find a copy of this anywhere, but this is an entrancing masterpiece of a cover, and just about as good as they come.

This album was released on Trojan Records in 1976 and the artwork is credited to Norman Beckett.

Track Listing:

  1. Coloured Face
  2. Jah Jah Bless I
  3. Milk And Honey
  4. Jehosaphat
  5. No Peace
  6. I Thiopians
  7. Fight I Down
  8. Lady Of The Night
  9. Satta I

Cheers Void!
Listen To It
Listen to ‘Coloured Face’ by Lizzard:

Listen to ‘Jehoshaphat’ by Lizzard:

Listen to ‘Satta I’ by Lizzard:

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