Marcia Griffiths – Steppin’ [1978]

Marcia Griffiths - Steppin' (album)

Marcia Griffiths - Steppin'

A double header – two album covers for the price of one.

The top picture is the original vinyl release that came out on High Note Records in 1978, and the second picture is taken from the cover of the re-release from Shanachie Records in 1991.

We definitely prefer the original 1978 album artwork which manages to still look pretty modern today. Love the font on ‘Steppin’ too. This is a wonderful warm cover that really suits this classic reggae vocal set. Stunning stuff.

The album was produced by Sonia Pottinger and Engineered by Errol Brown at the Treasure Isle Studios and the record remains a vocal roots classic. ‘Steppin Out Of Babylon’ is one of the tracks that I never tire of hearing, and sounds fresh every time.

Track List:

  • 1. Steppin’ Out In Babylon
  • 2. Where Were You
  • 3. Peaceful Woman
  • 4. Sweet Bitter Love
  • 5. Why There Is No Love
  • 6. The Way I Feel About You
  • 7. I’m Hurtin’ Inside
  • 8. It’s Impossible
  • 9. Give And You Get
  • 10. Where Is The Love

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Listen to ‘Steppin’ Out Of Babylon’ by Marcia Griffiths:

Listen to ‘It’s Impossible’ by Marcia Griffiths:

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