Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall

Max Romeo – Let The Power Fall [1971]

Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall

This is Max Romeo’s 1971 album called Let The Power Fall that was released on Dynamic Sounds record label in Jamaica. Produced by Bunny Lee, it’s a total roots affair with a strong emphasis on religious songs and the odd cover version.

As artwork goes, this is a very clean and respectable album cover from the singer who put the ‘rude’ into ‘rudeboy’ with early slack tracks like “Wet Dream”. We love the innocence of the cover on this album, – this is exactly the sort of record artwork you would NEVER get nowadays.

Can you imagine Vybz Kartel coming out with an album cover like this – of course not. Well, not unless you replaced the headwear with a cap, added more tattoos, replaced the flowers with a spliff, and scrawled Gaza all over the record sleeve………..Max’s high-buttoned silk shirt and bunch of flowers would count for nothing amongst today’s reggae alpha-males.

Track Listing:

  • Missing You
  • Puppet On A String
  • Crackling Rose
  • Chie Chie Bud
  • Black Equality
  • Let The Power Fall On I
  • Don’t You Weep
  • Mother Oh Mother
  • Chicken Thief
  • Ginalship
  • Macabee Version
  • Batchelor Boy

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