Mikey Melody ‎– Mona Lisa [1988]

Mikey Melody ‎– Mona Lisa [1988]

Mikey Melody ‎– Mona Lisa [1988]

Mikey Melody ‎– Mona Lisa [1988]

Released in 1988 on Dennis Star International records, this is ‘Mona Lisa’ by Mikey Melody.

This is pure late 80s dancehall vocals over digital rhythms. Mikey Melody sounds a lot like Conroy Smith, Courtney Melody and other such singers of the era, but lacks the hits and style of the aforementioned artists. To be fair, Mikey Melody did much better work, it is just a shame it isn’t on this album. It’s not bad as such, it just comes across as functional 80s dancehall, nothing special or memorable.

The album sleeve is pretty errr…..special, and hasn’t dated well at all. This is one of our least favorite Wilfred Limonious album covers – to be fair, it probably wasn’t his fault as he is only dealing with what he has been given to work with, and both Mikey Melody and his ‘Mona Lisa’ don’t look like they are enjoying any minute of this at all. Looks like a US prom photo.

A1 Mona Lisa
A2 Maranda
A3 Samantha
A4 Reggae Rock
A5 Break The Barriers Down
B1 Pa Pie Pie
B2 All Ina One
B3 Soldier Ina Town
B4 Mr. Melody
B5 Lovers Lane


Listen to ‘Reggae Rock’ by Mikey Melody:

Listen to ‘Mona Lisa’ by Mikey Melody:


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  • Anthony Godfrey

    Yes got to agree that there is a definite ‘lack of chemistry’ between Mikey & Mona!!! LOl

  • Soulrebel

    Oh come on, it’s a fantastic album! Mikey Melody is a much better singer than Conroy or Courtney, and he definitely has a style of his own. His voice together with Dennis Star’s rhythms is one of those perfect musical matches. One of the best albums of the period! The cover, however, is another story :)