Militant Barry – Green Valley [1979]

Militant Barry - Green Valley

This is Barry…..he’s militant…….he is MILITANT BARRY. Don’t make him angry, or he will point at you with his militant finger of justice. What a great DJ name.

Produced by the great Keith Hudson with Tappa Zukie as Mixing Engineer, this album was released in 1979 on Vista records and sees ‘Barry’ DJ-ing over some classic Keith Hudson rhythms.

The album was also released on Manic Records with an alternative cover, see it below:
Militant Barry - Green Valley 1979 Manic Records

It’s a real shame that this is near impossible to find as it’s an interesting album with some unusual subject material, for example, the track ‘Pistol Boy’ examines the killing of Nancy Spungen by Sid Vicious.

Track Listing :

  • Pistol Boy
  • Mojo Working
  • Dutch Rockers
  • No Blame
  • Land Of Dread
  • Screw Natty Dread Locks
  • Fist Of Fire
  • I See The Light
  • Green Valley
  • When You See I

Listen To It
Listen to ‘Mojo Working’ by Militant Barry

Listen to ‘Pistol Boy’ by Militant Barry: