Ninjaman Superstar

Ninjaman – Superstar [1988]

Ninjaman Superstar
Ninjaman Superstar (back cover)

Check out the youthful looking Ninjaman posing for this 1988 release of his “Superstar” album. His eyes have always had that crazy look though……

‘Superstar’ was released on Music Master Records in Jamaica and on Witty’s Records in the UK in the same year.

Ninjaman has been around for so long, he has pretty much covered every lyrical trend in dancehall; from gun tunes, to slackness, a detour into Gospel (as ‘Brother Desmond’), and then back to Dancehall. This album pretty much covers all lyrical themes, it’s a paradox of messages all delivered over slow paced, heavy digital bass lines.

Well worth checking out for some classic 1980’s dancehall flows (check out ‘Pedal and Wheel’ below). Also, given Ninjaman’s well documented unpredictability – there is something wonderfully ironic about Ninjaman giving out road safety advice on ‘Don’t Beat the Amber’ and chastising reckless drivers.


  • Take Time To Know Her
  • Magnificent
  • Batchelor
  • Wrenking Meat
  • Psalms
  • Comming In Mad
  • Pedal And Wheel
  • Don’t Beat The Amber
  • Ganoose

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Listen to ‘Dont Beat The Amber’ from Ninjaman:

Listen to ‘Pedal and Wheel’ from Ninjaman:

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Bit hard to find this album now, but there is still plenty more Ninjaman to be downloaded online.