Perfect - Born Dead With Life [2008]

Perfect – Born Dead With Life [2008]

Perfect - Born Dead With Life [2008]


Released on Irie Vibrations Records in 2008, this is ‘Born Dead With Life’ by Perfect, aka Greg Rose, aka Perfect Giddimani.

Originally from Jamaica, Perfect spent time in Europe and this album originates out of Austria.

Pretty serious and striking artwork for a modern reggae release – the cover shows a black and white background featuring notable black icons (Haile Selassie, Black Panthers etc…) and scenes from social movements, with a colour image of Perfect in the center holding a new-born baby and a skull. This is a hand drawn cover that looks amazing and pretty much gives you a sense of what to expect – that this isn’t really a party album, lots of serious reasoning going on here.

1. Greg Rose
2. This City
3. Hanging Day
4. 30 Pieces
5. Smile
6. Love in Your Heart
7. Journey
8. Unforgivable
9. Rasta Dubplate
10. Unlock
11. Catch a Fire
12. Interlude Speech
13. Da Rendition
14. Black Seeds
15. WTC 9/11
16. Born Dead with Life


Listen to ‘Love In Your Heart’ by Perfect

Listen to ‘Born Dead With Life” by Perfect


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