Peter Tosh – (You Gotta) Walk and Don’t Look Back

Peter Tosh - (You Gotta) Walk and Don't Look Back

Ok, not strictly an album cover – but this single is worth the attention. Lovely cover and design – you can tell this had major label backing and a professional designer (as compared to other Jamaican independent album sleeve disasters).

After splitting from the Wailers and starting his own successful solo career, Peter Tosh eventually signed to a record label that was set up by The Rolling Stones. Tosh’s music often had much in common with the rock and soul music of the time, so stylistically this was a good fit with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger’s label.

Mick Jagger appears on this track, and it’s a beauty.

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Fortunately its a great song, and still available:

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Listen To It
One of the best videos ever, and I love the way that Peter Tosh is trying hard to ignore Mick’s jerky dancing routine in this. Total opposite ends of the dancing spectrum here:

Watch ‘You Gotta Walk and Don’t Look Back’ with Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger: