Prince Jammy – Kamikazi Dub [1979]

Prince Jammy - Dub Kamikazi

Well worth adding to your collection if you are looking for classic dub albums. This album came out of King Tubby’s studios in 1979 and was released on Trojan Records. Prince Jammy is at the controls with an all-star band (Sly & Robbie, Ansel Collins, Bingy Bunny, Chinna, et al) laying down the tracks.

Recorded at Channel One Studios and mixed at King Tubby’s, this is an often overlooked dub album, and is well worth buying or downloading if you can find a copy or file of it.

Love the cover – anyone know what film the sleeve designer has taken the kung-fu fighter from?

Track Listing:

  • Throne Of Blood
  • Brothers Of The Blade
  • Shoalin Temple
  • Kamikazi
  • Oragami Black Belt
  • Fist Of Fury
  • Opium Den
  • Swords Of Vengeance
  • Downtown Shanghai Rock
  • Waterfront Gang War

Listen To It
Listen to ‘Brothers of the Blade’ by Prince Jammy:

Listen to ‘Fist of Fury’ by Prince Jammy:

Buy It
Pretty tough to find this actual album now, but copies sometimes pop up on Amazon, and many of the tracks are available as downloads on various Prince Jammy compilation albums.