Prince Jazzbo - Kick Boy Face [1976]

Prince Jazzbo – Kick Boy Face [1976]

Prince Jazzbo - Kick Boy Face [1976]

Kick Boy Face was released by Prince Jazzbo in 1976 on UK based ‘Third World’ records and features a great hand-drawn Kung-Fu cover in a ‘Blaxploitation’ cinematic style. The artwork here was created by Tyrone Whyte, an artist that created a number of artwork and album sleeves for various reggae releases on a range of UK based labels.

The ‘Blaxploitation’ film genre was hugely popular in the 1970s and the action-packed and swagger-filled films were adopted with relish amongst Jamaican audiences and reggae DJs – with many artists naming themselves after the heroes (i.e. DJ Jim Kelly) or name-checking the silver screen stars in their songs:

“Check Jim Kelly him a kick to the belly” – Dillinger, from ‘Natty Kick Like Lightning’ (CB 200 album)

If someone produced a range of classic posters of reggae album art, then this would be pretty high up on my wish-list.

The album itself was mixed At King Tubby Studio Kingston, Jamaica, and was produced by Bunny Lee, and it collects together some great DJ tracks from Prince Jazzbo. Well worth a listen. Hard to find now though, but many of the tracks are available for download on other Prince Jazzbo albums.

Track List:

  • Kick Boy Face
  • I And I
  • Hand Of Babylon
  • Nigger Is A Winner
  • Virgin
  • Rebel Boy
  • Church Is A Rome
  • Far Star
  • Hello
  • Youth In Service

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Listen to ‘Church is a Rome’ by Prince Jazzbo:

Listen to ‘Hand of Babylon’ by Prince Jazzbo:

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