Ranking Ann – Something Fishy Going On (1983)

Ranking Ann Something Fishy Going On

Released in 1983 on Ariwa records this was Ranking Ann’s second album (her first album was called “A Slice of English Toast”). The album was produced by Mad Professor and as a result it has bass heavy dub feel to it with plenty of sound effects firing off while Ranking Ann DJs over the top.

It’s a real shame that Ranking Ann didn’t really get the recognition that she deserved as her first two albums are really original DJ offerings. Our love for cartoon reggae album covers is well known, and this one is a classic. The album art is credited to Tony McDermott who was famous for the Greensleeves album covers of the 1980s, in particular the Scientist dub albums. Check it out below.

Track Listing:

  • Something Fishy Going On
  • Call Me Ranking Ann
  • Fifty Ways
  • Stop Romance Inna Dance
  • Hot! Hot! Hot!
  • Hot Dub
  • Dangerous Mc
  • Immigration Plan
  • A Wa Do Men
  • The Man Is Mine

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Listen to ‘Stop Romance Ina Dance’ by Ranking Ann:

Listen to ‘Call Me Ranking Ann’ by Ranking Ann:

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