Ranking Dread - Ranking Dread In Dub

Ranking Dread – Ranking Dread In Dub

Ranking Dread - Ranking Dread In Dub

This is a classic reggae album sleeve. This is the cover for the Ranking Dread “In Dub” album and it is one of those rare reggae covers where the artwork is as good as the music – in this case, stunning.

It was orginally released in 1982 on Silver Camel Records and the album art is credited to Rod Vass and features a heavily stylised dreadlocked head in black and white and positioned on a red background.

The original vinyl was only pressed in very limited numbers and is either next to impossible to find, or very expensive to buy from a record collector. In recent years it has been made available on CD, and if you don’t have it then we strongly suggest that you pick a copy up.

Despite the Ranking Dread title, this is primarily a dub album and not a DJ album.

Side A and Side B of the album featured different producers and bands:

Track List:

Side One: Sly & Robbie mixed by King Tubby

  • Bom Dub
  • No More Waiting
  • Dub land
  • Jump Up Dub
  • JAH Dub

Side Two: Roots Radics mixed by Scientist

  • Give Them Dub
  • Dub it Star
  • 19000 Dub
  • Yes Yes Yes Dub
  • Dub it on Yah

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Listen to Yes Yes Yes Dub from Ranking Dread in Dub:

Listen to Love A Dub from Ranking Dread In Dub:

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