Rico Rodriguez – Man From Wareika [1977]

Rico - Man From Wareika

Back Cover:

Rico - Man From Wareika (back cover)

This is a real favourite album of ours – both for the artwork and the music within.

“Man From Wareika” was Rico Rodriguez’s first full studio album that he created as an artist. Despite being a heavy instrumental roots album there is also a strong Jazz influence that seeps through the entire album. It’s an album that whilst being a true reggae album at heart, also manages to transcend its genre and stand up stong as a stunning musical composition and a genuine classic.

Produced by Karl Pitterson, “Man From Wareika” appeared on Island Records in 1977 at a time when the major recording labels were embracing Jamaican reggae music. Other pressings of the album were also released by Blue Note Records (1977) and Top Ranking Records (1977) in Jamaica.

Sadly this incredible album is very hard to get hold of now and there seems to be no sign of any re-release planned in the near future for it. A version was released in 2004 for Japan and imports can sometimes still be found online.

Track List:

  • This Day
  • Ramble
  • Lumumba
  • Africa
  • Man From Wareika
  • Rasta
  • Over The Mountain
  • Gunga Din
  • Dial Africa

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Listen to ‘Lumumba’ by Rico Rodriguez:

Listen to ‘Man From Wareika’ by Rico Rodriguez:

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