Sugar Minott – Dancehall Showcase Vol 2 [1983]

Sugar Minott - Dancehall Showcase Vol 2

This is Sugar Minott’s self-produced 1983 album on Black Roots records (it was also later re-issued on Wackies in 2008).

It’s a great album of classic dancehall vocal cuts with each tracked backed with the dub version. It was released in 1982 on Black Roots Records as a vinyl 10″ record. Volume 1 also had the same cover, with the only difference being it was black and white as opposed to red and white.

I love the simplicity of these types of album sleeves, the two-colour print technique adds a ‘home-made’ feeling to the artwork. Makes it feel more like a the flyers that used to be made for dancehall nights and live events in Jamaica.

Playlist :

  • Informer
  • Informout
  • Genuine Lover
  • Genuine Dub
  • So We Love It
  • So We Dub
  • Dread A Mi Idren
  • Dreadlocks Rock
  • Jah Batta – Informer *
  • Little John – Tear Down The Dance Hall *

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Listen to ‘Genuine Lover’ by Sugar Minott:

Listen to ‘So We Dub it’ by Sugar minott:

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