Enos McLeod – Moods Of A Genius

enos mcleod moods of a genius

enos mcleod moods of a genius

“What type of mood are you in today Enos? A raping mood you say……right, see you later”

If the google spider and PageRank ever start using a ‘general decency’ or ‘bad taste’ measurement in its algorithm, then posting this album cover should see me struck from the index in seconds.

Unbelievable album cover. There is a tangible sense of menace about Enos McLeod, and a real sense of struggle and fear coming from the woman.

I was looking for a photo of this for ages just to remind myself it did actually exist. [image from Blood & Fire forum]


A1 Making Love
A2 By The Look
A3 Hijacking
A4 Jericho
A5 Find Yourself A Fool
B1 I’m Just A Man
B2 I Will Forgive You
B3 Puppet On A String
B4 Wicked Babylon
B5 Ja-Ja

T album was later re-released in 1983 on Stewmac Records with a much more ‘friendly’ cover as was re-titled ‘By The Look In Your Eye’. It also featured a few extra tracks.

Despite the dark and sinister record sleeve, this is actually a pretty stunning album.


Listen to Enos McLeod – Hijacking:


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Aswad – Rebel Souls (1984)

Aswad - Rebel Souls (1984)

Aswad - Rebel Souls (1984)

For a split second we were torn about this album art, could it be actually good in a retro-hipster way? And then we went with our gut instinct and decided this one goes straight into the bad album covers bucket. Sorry Aswad.

Aswad had some great album artwork in their time….and they also had some bad album artwork. Most of the bad album artwork actually stems from major record labels and design teams that were either trying to capture a marketable or fashionable trend of the time, or they tried present Aswad as soul crooners in order to capture a different demographic (see the ‘Crucial Tracks’ album cover fro evidence).

Not sure what was going on with this cover art session though – they look like a Village People tribute act that look surprised to suddenly find themselves in a comic book city….the last thing they remembered was being on stage in the local community hall when there was a sudden flash of light and a puff of smoke….

Anyway, the facts:
Released on Island records in 1984 (as if you couldn’t tell it was an 80s album). The terrible album art hides a mostly dark and deep sounding album, loads of solid tracks….but with hints of overproduction and indulgence in places (in our opinion). Worth checking out though.

Track Listing:

  • In My Father’s House
  • Rebel
  • 54-46 (Was My Number)
  • Just A Little Herb
  • Rainfall, Sunshine
  • Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology)
  • You Can’t Show Me
  • Gave You My Love
  • I Asked The Question
  • Need Your Love (Each & Every Day)
  • Chasin’ For The Breeze

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Listen to ‘Just A Little Herb’ by Aswad:

Listen to ‘Chasing For The Breeze’ by Aswad:

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Babies Go Bob Marley – Sweet Little Band (Maraino Yanani)

babies go bob marley

babies go bob marley
Babies Go Bob Marley - Sweet Little Band back

Some albums do not need to be made.

Firstly let’s start on the album art – it’s a festival of bad clip art that probably came from a bargain-bin CD ROM.

The album itself is probably trading in on the past success of the Baby Mozart series (maybe?), and the entire record basically sounds like a 12 year old playing Bob Marley covers on a bontempi organ in a lift, whilst their mother plays the xylophone in the background.

If you are going to put this sort of stuff out you may as well go the whole distance: Note to the manufacturers – I want to see ‘Babies Go Peter Tosh’ featuring versions of “Oh Bumbo Klaat” and “Downpressor Man”, better still, how about ‘Babies Go Ninjaman” featuring “Murder Dem”, “My Weapon” and “Original Front Tooth Gold Tooth Gun Pon Tooth Don Gorgon”. I’d buy that….probably.

Track Listing:

  • Is This Love
  • Buffalo Soldier
  • Get Up Stand Up
  • I Shot The Sheriff
  • No Woman No Cry
  • Roots, Rock, Reggae
  • Jamming
  • Waiting In Vain
  • Three Little Birds
  • Turn Your Lights Down Low
  • One Love
  • Could You Be Love
  • I Know A Place
  • Stir It Up

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Listen to ‘No Woman No Cry’ from Babies Go Bob Marley:

Listen to ‘is This Love’ from Babies Go Bob Marley

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Should you feel the urge…..

Hot Numbers – Volume 2

Hot Numbers - Volume 2

Argh! Close them please. Everything is wrong about this sleeve. WARNING: This album art is extremely dangerous to your eyes and you should only look at this record sleeve through a pin-prick hole in a piece of paper, otherwise you run the risk of either being blinded, or sucked in.

Shame really, as this compilation has some storming tunes on it. It was released in 1971 on Pama Records.

Track Listing:

  • Stickers – One Night Of Sin
  • 3rd & 4th Generation – Rudies Medley
  • The Gaylads – Royal Cord
  • Peter Tosh – Maga Dog
  • Owen Gray – Sincerely
  • Max Romeo – Rasta Band Wagon
  • Pat Kelly – Soulful Love
  • Winston Scotland – Buttercup
  • David Isaacs – You’ll Be Sorry
  • Rip’n’Lam – In The Ghetto
  • Max Romeo – The Coming Of Jah
  • The Impact All Stars – Dandy Shandy Version 4
  • Carl Dawkins – Walk A Little Prouder
  • Owen Gray – You Gonna Miss Me

Militant Barry – Green Valley [1979]

Militant Barry - Green Valley

This is Barry…..he’s militant…….he is MILITANT BARRY. Don’t make him angry, or he will point at you with his militant finger of justice. What a great DJ name.

Produced by the great Keith Hudson with Tappa Zukie as Mixing Engineer, this album was released in 1979 on Vista records and sees ‘Barry’ DJ-ing over some classic Keith Hudson rhythms.

The album was also released on Manic Records with an alternative cover, see it below:
Militant Barry - Green Valley 1979 Manic Records

It’s a real shame that this is near impossible to find as it’s an interesting album with some unusual subject material, for example, the track ‘Pistol Boy’ examines the killing of Nancy Spungen by Sid Vicious.

Track Listing :

  • Pistol Boy
  • Mojo Working
  • Dutch Rockers
  • No Blame
  • Land Of Dread
  • Screw Natty Dread Locks
  • Fist Of Fire
  • I See The Light
  • Green Valley
  • When You See I

Listen To It
Listen to ‘Mojo Working’ by Militant Barry

Listen to ‘Pistol Boy’ by Militant Barry: