Fix Up Riddim – ZJ Liquid H20 Records [2015]

Fix Up Riddim - ZJ Liquid H20 Records [2015]

Fix Up Riddim - ZJ Liquid H20 Records [2015]

With a dying single and album market, modern dancehall often finds itself in the position where the riddim is the star. Gone are the days when a single personality is featured on an album, and many modern dancehall artists create their hype and careers without even releasing an album.

The riddim is the star, and with it comes an open market where various top DJs basically compete for market share on the riddim. Make the best track, get played more – simple.

And with digital distribution allowing for pretty much instant releases it has opened up a nice niche for newer designers to create eye-catching covers without depending on using an artist or personality as a selling point. Sure, the names of artists are listed, but this is all about the riddim.

This is probably my favorite riddim of 2015 so far. ZJ Liquid and H20 Records have been taking their time and releasing some real quality, heavy, dancehall riddims. The Fix Up Riddim is a follow up to 2014’s Good Book Riddim (another hard riddim) and features the usual suspects of artists on it: Konshens, Vybz Kartel, Versitile, Mavado, I Octane etc….

Kind of like this cover, had a real 80s feel to it, whilst still feeling modern.

Track Listing:

  • 1 So Mi Born – Agent Sasco
  • 2 Dem Ago Dead – Alkaline
  • 3 Dem Ago Dead (Radio) – Alkaline
  • 4 Me No See Them – Big Roundz
  • 5 Me No See Them (Radio) – Big Roundz
  • 6 Dutty Livity – Bryka
  • 7 Me Nah – Delly Ranx
  • 8 Dem 2 Hand Ya – Demarco
  • 9 Dem 2 Hand Ya (Radio) – Demarco
  • 10 Bad Man Laws – I Octane
  • 11 Beaa – Kalado
  • 12 Beaa (Radio) – Kalado
  • 13 Say the Word (feat. Javada) – Konshens
  • 14 Say the Word (feat. Javada) [Radio] – Konshens
  • 15 Bad Anytime – Mavado
  • 16 Bad Anytime (Radio) – Mavado
  • 17 Shub Dem Out – Quick Cook
  • 18 Shub Dem Out (Radio) – Quick Cook
  • 19 Me Never – Versatile
  • 20 Me Never (Radio) – Versatile
  • 21 ExplicitFix Up – Vybz Kartel
  • 22 Fix Up (Radio) – Vybz Kartel

Two of my favorite cuts on the riddim aren’t featured on the album, namely Aidonia’s ‘Gangster Mek Walk‘ and Popcaan’s ‘Slap One‘ (featuring thinly veiled swipes at Alkaline in the lyrics).

Listen To It

Listen to the Fix Up Riddim Mix

Listen to Aidonia ‘Gangster Mek Walk’ on the Fix Up Riddim:

Listen to Popcaan ‘Slap One’ on the Fix Up Riddim:


Ninjaman – Superstar [1988]

Ninjaman Superstar

Ninjaman Superstar
Ninjaman Superstar (back cover)

Check out the youthful looking Ninjaman posing for this 1988 release of his “Superstar” album. His eyes have always had that crazy look though……

‘Superstar’ was released on Music Master Records in Jamaica and on Witty’s Records in the UK in the same year.

Ninjaman has been around for so long, he has pretty much covered every lyrical trend in dancehall; from gun tunes, to slackness, a detour into Gospel (as ‘Brother Desmond’), and then back to Dancehall. This album pretty much covers all lyrical themes, it’s a paradox of messages all delivered over slow paced, heavy digital bass lines.

Well worth checking out for some classic 1980’s dancehall flows (check out ‘Pedal and Wheel’ below). Also, given Ninjaman’s well documented unpredictability – there is something wonderfully ironic about Ninjaman giving out road safety advice on ‘Don’t Beat the Amber’ and chastising reckless drivers.


  • Take Time To Know Her
  • Magnificent
  • Batchelor
  • Wrenking Meat
  • Psalms
  • Comming In Mad
  • Pedal And Wheel
  • Don’t Beat The Amber
  • Ganoose

Listen To It

Listen to ‘Dont Beat The Amber’ from Ninjaman:

Listen to ‘Pedal and Wheel’ from Ninjaman:

Buy It

Bit hard to find this album now, but there is still plenty more Ninjaman to be downloaded online.