Junior Delgado – Dance A Dub [1978]

Junior Delgado - Dance A Dub -1978]

Junior Delgado - Dance A Dub -1978]

Junior Delgado - Dance A Dub -1978]

Dance A Dub was released in 1978 on Incredible Jux records, with production credited to Dennis Brown and Junior Delgado. It was released in a limited number of 500 copies (featuring the artwork above), before being licensed to Big Cat records years later who made it available on CD.

A pretty unremarkable cover for a pretty unremarkable dub album. Many tracks here have a distinctly ‘light’ feeling sound for a dub record. There are a couple of heavy bass shakers though, but as a total album there isn’t enough here to call it a classic by any means.

Track listing:
Dance A Dub 6:42
Hooligan Stew 4:08
Mister Dub 4:03
Crack A Dub 2:55
Kidnapped On A Subway 2:58
Ups 2:59
Downs 3:51
Enter 2:28
Torture 3:17
Herb Eye 4:21

Dance A Dub Junior Delgado

Engineer : Soljie Hamilton & King Tubby & Prince Jammy & Sylvan Morris & Maxie


Listen to ‘Dance A Dub’ by Junior Delgado:

Listen to ‘Herb Eye’ by Junior Delgado:


Dennis Brown – Live At Montreaux

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984]

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984]

Dennis Brown - Live At Montreaux [1984] back

This is going into our ‘Iconic & Classic Album Covers’.

This live album first appeared on Joe Gibbs records in 1979 and was subsequently re-released in 1984 on Blue Moon Records – and it is this 1984 version that we are focusing on here.

The album art is striking and really captures the energy of this live performance and the sense of occasion that surrounded Dennis Brown at Montreaux. The artwork and sleeve design is credited to ‘Wyke Studios, Guilford’.

The album itself is a stunning live performance by Dennis Brown recorded at the annual Montreux festival as part of his 1979 tour. The band is incredible and a lot of freedom and time is given to each track with instrumental sections and improvisation throughout the whole album – in places it comes across as heavy as a rock performance. It’s an essential album for all reggae fans.

Track Listing:

  • So Jah Say
  • Wolves And Leopards
  • Words Of Wisdom
  • Ain’t That Loving You
  • The Drifter
  • Milk And Honey
  • Yabby You
  • Don’t Feel No Way
  • Whip Them Jah
  • Money In My Pocket

Listen To It
Listen to The Drifter by Dennis Brown at Montreaux:

Listen to Milk and Honey by Dennis Brown at Montreaux:

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It is available as a double CD set with the second disc a DVD, and it’s also readily available as a download:

Dennis Brown – No Man Is An Island [1970]

Dennis Brown - No Man Is An Island

Dennis Brown - No Man Is An Island

Dennis Brown - No Man Is An Island

This is Dennis Brown’s ‘No Man Is An Island’ album on Studio One records, released in 1970.

You simply just don’t get reggae album covers like this anymore. If this was done today and Dennis Brown was an upcoming singer, then I’d expect that the cover would show Dennis reclining in the back of a limo, surrounded by his bitches, and it would be called something like ‘Unfaithful’, or ‘Gettin’ Paid’. Maybe.

Anyway, enjoy the meaningful simplicity of this album cover.

Track Listing:

  • No Man Is An Island
  • Going To A Ball
  • I Love You Madly
  • Rain Drops Keep Falling
  • Created By The Father
  • I Have Got To Go
  • I’ll Never Fall In Love
  • Make It Easy On Yourself
  • Your Love Is Amazing
  • I Need Someone
  • Something Bugging Me
  • God Bless The Children

Listen To It
Listen to ‘No Man is an Island’ by Dennis Brown:

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Dennis Brown – The Drifter (Live At Montreux, 1979)

Great video of the late, great Dennis Brown performing a great version of ‘The Drifter’ Live in Montreux in 1979 with a full band (you see Dennis playing the guitar on this clip too). It’s a really tight and heavy performance, made all the more better by Dennis’s yellow dungarees:

Buy It
You can still buy the live recording of Dennis Brown live at Montreax, and highly recommend it – incredible performance with a tight band. One of the most distinctive and complete live reggae recordings released: