Dirtsman – Acid [1996]

Dirtsman - Acid
This record was one of the the first dancehall albums that I had and it was responsible for making me fall in love with dancehall music. Dirtsman was the brother of Papa San and was on the verge of mainstream success (he had just signed to BMG Records) when he was shot dead on his veranda by four gunmen.

Dancehall artists can often rush albums out in order to capitalise on their initial success and the end result can sometimes be a collection of recent radio hits and some filler material recorded on the latest rhythms, but Dirtsman’s Acid is a killer album that still sounds fresh and unique today.

The record cover looks a little dated these days (as do many early 1990s dancehall albums), but it’s simple and direct – just like Dirtsman’s style. The fact that Dirtsman’s massive hit “Hot This Year” can still get huge forwards in dances stands as a worthy testament.

It’s a shame that this album is so hard to find now as should be in any reggae fans collection.

Track Listing:
1. Nah Put It Down
2. Trailer Load Come
3. Roughest
4. Nah Sell It
5. Me A Nuh Bad Boy
6. Bubble And Wine
7. Sample
8. It A Worry Them
9. Check Seh Me Done
10. Acid
11. Rough This Year
12. Original DJ

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The whole ‘Acid’ album is not yet available as a download, but you can still get a few of the individual tracks, such as MP3s of ‘Hot This Year’. If you only own one Dirtsman track, then it probably should be this one anyway. See below for more detail:

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Listen to Dirtsman – “Hot This Year”