Don Carlos – Suffering [1981]

Don Carlos Suffering

Don Carlos Suffering
Don Carlos Suffering (back cover)

Released on Negus Roots Records in 1981 [Negus Roots LP #NERLP 001 1981], this Don Carlos showcase album has one of those striking pieces of album art that you never forget. I’ve been wanting to revist this one for ages.

The bright blue background and colouring makes it seem almost otherworldly, and adds to the horror, unnaturalness, and bleakness of the image of slavery being portrayed.

Jamaican ‘Showcase’ albums usually collected together recent singles and songs by an artist, and very often included the dub or instrumental versions of each track. That is the case here, and ‘Suffering’ featured 6 vocal cuts and 6 instrumental versions of each track.

Recorded and mixed at Tuff Gong International Studio, 56 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica – this showcase album features a comprehensive who’s who of the premier Jamaican musicians of the time and Don Carlos is on fine form. Don Carlos has always been one of those rare roots singers that could bridge the gap between Roots and Dancehall and sounded equally at home in each style. This album is pure roots, and a must for any reggae fan.

Track List:

  • Gimme Gimme Your Love
  • Version
  • Crucial Situation
  • Version
  • Working Everyday
  • Version
  • Live In Harmony
  • Version
  • Prophecy
  • Version
  • Jah Hear My Plea
  • Version

Record Details:
Producer : Robert Flako Palmer
Arranger : Robert Flako Palmer & Don Carlos
Mixing Engineer : Errol Brown
Engineer : Errol Brown & Steven Stewart
Vocals : Don Carlos
Drums : Horsemouth Wallace
Bass : Lloyd Parks
Lead Guitar : Junior Marvin
Rhythm Guitar : Bo Peep
Organ : Wire Lindo & Winston Wright
Piano : Winston Wright & Bubbler
Synthesiser : Horsemouth Wallace
Horns : Deadly Headly & David Madden
Percussions : Everton Carrington & Horsemouth Wallace
Syndrums : Horsemouth Wallace

Listen To It

Listen to Crucial Situation + Version by Don Carlos:

Listen to Jah Hear My Plea by Don Carlos:

Buy It

Although the original album is tough to find now, you can still get the tracks from it as it was subsequently re-released under the new name of “Prophecy”, with each track extended to include the dub. Well worth picking up.

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