Enos McLeod – Moods Of A Genius

enos mcleod moods of a genius

enos mcleod moods of a genius

“What type of mood are you in today Enos? A raping mood you say……right, see you later”

If the google spider and PageRank ever start using a ‘general decency’ or ‘bad taste’ measurement in its algorithm, then posting this album cover should see me struck from the index in seconds.

Unbelievable album cover. There is a tangible sense of menace about Enos McLeod, and a real sense of struggle and fear coming from the woman.

I was looking for a photo of this for ages just to remind myself it did actually exist. [image from Blood & Fire forum]


A1 Making Love
A2 By The Look
A3 Hijacking
A4 Jericho
A5 Find Yourself A Fool
B1 I’m Just A Man
B2 I Will Forgive You
B3 Puppet On A String
B4 Wicked Babylon
B5 Ja-Ja

T album was later re-released in 1983 on Stewmac Records with a much more ‘friendly’ cover as was re-titled ‘By The Look In Your Eye’. It also featured a few extra tracks.

Despite the dark and sinister record sleeve, this is actually a pretty stunning album.


Listen to Enos McLeod – Hijacking:


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